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a hard place

October 31, 2012

Let’s start with a little self indulgent flashback, shall we?  A little over two months ago my employer decided out of the blue that my protege was better suited as my replacement…awesome. Things like this happen and as someone so succinctly put it when they heard I was packaged out, “they’re paying you to find a better job.” This is a fantastic perspective, yet, it doesn’t really capture the essence of extreme suckiosity that immediately and continuously emanated from the situation.  Obviously, to properly honor said emanation I proceeded to indulge in a heavy diet of television and marijuana.  In hindsight, probably not the wisest course of action, but, it happened (and as a result I’m stuck between Dwayne Johnson and the title of this blog).  It’s amazing what 65 days of listlessness will do to an otherwise pretty stellar dude.

Now that you’re caught up, let’s crank the dial on the old blogger time machine to present day: I’ve pretty much blown through my savings, I have a beautiful 5 year old son that thinks life is peachy and that his daddy’s a hero while a pile of bills angrily attack my trademark joie de vivre, BUT, the good news is, I’m blogging again (you probably thought I was going to say employed…not yet, but I’m being a little more proactive about it)!

I won’t lie, I’m scared shitless.  So pray, meditate or create happy little voodoo dolls for me because despite my indomitable amenability, the next few weeks will be my go to definition for “sketchy” moving forward.


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