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vanilla lattes and quantum mechanics

April 17, 2011

The idea that everything is connected has been around for a very long time (well before opposable thumbs and critical thought provided us with pillars of civilization like vanilla lattes and quantum mechanics).

In fact, I’m sure there were moments when Cro-magnon man surveyed all that was before him and felt like he was what he saw.

Despite the fighting that still goes on between believers of different faiths, religions have common themes and surprisingly morally similar omniscient protagonists. This fact almost helped me make peace with the frustrating all-encompassing exercise of deciding what to (or not to) believe in, but, the only thing that remains clear about my personal relationship with religion is that nothing ever is!

Fortunately I find clarity elsewhere: math, music…sex (“it takes two to make things go right“) and in my experience, these ‘personal portals to lucidity’ are exactly where this universal harmony is best accessed.


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