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winter rant of an urban surfer

January 26, 2011

It’s -21 with the wind chill and I’m getting restless and grumpy (if Jack Frost could kindly refer to Cee Lo Green’s latest hit it would be greatly appreciated).

Why am I directing my displeasure at a fictitious seasonal character?  Mostly because I can’t do one of my favourite things in the world right now and that’s surf the streets of my beloved T-dot. 

I’m a soul skater.  The formula for soul skating is simple: 2(feet) + 2(trucks) + 4(wheels)/board * endless pavement = pure, unadulterated joy. 

Most other cold weather skaters eventually resort to snowboarding when the streets and sidewalks are no longer ride friendly.  I tried this once…it was frigid and painful (both my soul and my tropical heritage hated it).

I don’t ask for much.  In fact, I’m into the simplest of pleasures: my son’s laugh, fresh-baked chocolate chunk cookies, the sound the net makes when there’s perfect backspin and no rim, the way she bites her lip and carving Queen West on my Barfoot custom while grooving to Bill Withers

It’s getting to that point in the blog where I make mine: discovering the things that you truly love is essential to happiness and embracing them can be the key to sanity but missing them, just sucks.

I say enjoy what you can, when you can (within reason…whatever that means).   That being said, I think I’ll bake some cookies.


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  1. Funny stuff man; I love it. Keep it coming…

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