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flawed citizenry

January 17, 2011

As I sit here and watch an episode of the West Wing titled “The Portland Trip” (does anyone write tv dialogue better than Sorkin?) I reminisce about the week that just was.  I work as a vendor funded sales specialist for an IT reseller and this past week was our annual company wide kickoff.  Gotta’ love corporate events: relentless training, marathon awards dinners and finding that superhuman social prowess you weren’t sure you had to meet and impress (on some level) anyone that crosses your path with their name dangling from a lanyard.  Yup, almost as much fun as a date with a girl with no underwear (that’s called sarcasm by the way). 

I’m not your average corporate citizen, I’ve taken three swings at a post secondary education without ever making it past second base, I believe that the documentary “The Corporation” was on to something and I’m a walking HR violation. 

My flawed corporate citizenry and thinly veiled disdain for the congregation of 900 business formal cogs in a very big money machine (mostly because the line between confidence and being a douche usually disappears at these things) aside…I get it…clearly defined culture and messaging are necessary pieces to the successful corporate puzzle.

Where it all goes wrong is the messaging and culture quickly become punchlines to many of the worker ants despite the hard work put in by the marketing and leadership teams to make them inspirational. The problem with putting  so much effort into a message is that it’s really hard to not make it sound contrived.  Ah well, I often struggle with the same dilemma….


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  1. Ms. Fox permalink

    Your work here is anything but contrived Mr. Servance. And your sarcasm is well executed. I hope this week brings less disdain and better punchlines.

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