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honesty and karma

January 1, 2011

I am participating in PostAWeek and I’m stoked (for a few reasons):

  1. It’s officially one of a few New Year’s Resolutions for me in 2011 (for some reason, one just wasn’t enough this year). 
  2. Like playing basketball and inspiring belly laughs, blogging is something that I’ve always wanted to do more of.
  3. I’ve chosen a topic that we could all probably do with a little more of: honesty.

What keeps me (somewhat) honest is that I’ve always mentally merged the completely hairy and lofty goal of perpetual honesty with one of the great behavioural mitigators, Karma (or more specfically daily Karmic retribution). I can feel you groaning through this flatscreen but before you throw up the middle finger and log onto facebook think about it, of all the virtuous activities that exist we have more opportunities to be honest than most of the others.  Unfortunately, lies still come easy and often to many of us—myself included. 

Loosely defined, Karma is based on the notion that there is some great point system of pluses and minuses based on our daily decisions and actions. Every day that ends in a negative score puts you that much closer to stubbing your toe the next morning.  If you manage to stay on the positive side then not only are your toes safe, you wake up to your son’s laughter.  

Still not making much sense…?  Let me put it this way, in my mind it’s a numbers game with immediate implications. 

If every lie is a minus 1 then the 20 points that you gained by saving that cat from a burning tree were negated by the web of deceit woven by you the week before to land that big business deal or cute bartender.   Where things get interesting/confusing is when you throw in life’s inevitable variables. Who are we lying to and about what?  Is it to protect someone or something or is it self-serving?  These details are yours to identify and address.  Just remember, if you haven’t saved any cats recently you may be setting yourself up for a broken toe. 

Obviously I’m no honesty guru and the karmic point system is completely arbitrary but if it helps you tell just one additional truth this year then I’m declaring my first post of 2011 a success.

Happy New Year!


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