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got muse?

December 11, 2010

Todays world is saturated with other people’s ideas (I know this sounds negative but hear me out)…whether it’s a song, an equation or a self-indulgent blog *wink*, we cannot escape the unabated creativity that is constantly freeing itself from the minds of the masses.  For the longest time this simple observation intimidated and eventually demotivated me.  The common argument that “nothing is original” would pop up in so many random conversations that I actually started to believe it and used it as an excuse to keep my thoughts to myself.

Apparently this has changed….

All it took were the gentle, candid proddings of a great listener with phenomenal legs (what can I say, crushing helps my creativity).  She revealed to me the utter folly that is self-doubt.  What others have said, are saying or will say should inspire and not deter.  You would think that would be obvious but some of us need a little help seeing what’s right under our noses. 

Now that a beautiful someone has helped me get out of my own way, I thought I’d pay it forward via my first blog entry.  Key takeaway? The best way not to succeed, is not to try.

The rest is up to you, me and any other creative voice just waiting to be heard.

Got muse?


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